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Oil to Gas Conversions to Get a Boost in Connecticut

Thanks to a decision by Connecticut’s Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA), up to 280,000 additional customers will be added to the rolls of three natural gas companies in the coming years. As the article from ctnewsjunkie.com states, “The [PURA] gave final approval to a plan by three natural gas companies to expand their footprint in the state. The final decision concluded that all new natural gas customers will be able to spread the cost of conversion over a period of 10 years.”

Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy said, “Gas pipeline capacity into the New England region is limited, and this has caused prices to spike in the winter when gas is needed both to heat homes and run power plants,”…”The gas expansion plan called for in my Comprehensive Energy Strategy will benefit both gas and electric customers in the near-term, by helping to expand gas capacity into Connecticut.”

Malloy went on to say, “A greater percentage of homes and businesses in neighboring states benefit from the use of natural gas than do people in Connecticut,” Malloy said. “This has put us at a competitive disadvantage — but with this plan in place we will now move forward to change that.”

Converting from costly oil to clean, efficient natural gas is a great way to lower heating bills for commercial and industrial users. ETTER Engineering has been a leader in oil-to-gas conversions for many years in New England, and will continue to innovate as natural gas expands into the region.