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Congrats to our latest Published Author, Brett Bernier!

Here at ETTER Engineering, we always like to highlight the successes of our employees, both inside and outside work. It’s due to that we are proud to say congratulations are in order to Brett Bernier on the completion of his first book!

Source SDK Development Essentials outlines the essential knowledge one needs to createBrettBook maps (levels, environments) and scripts (A.I. events, storytelling, etc…) for games using the Source Engine. Valve, the videogame company behind Source, releases a Software Development Kit (SDK) with each game they produce. Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 might be household names for some gamers; the maps in those games were created with the Source SDK. Valve also released the Source SDK base for free in 2012, so anyone can download it, and start creating for free.

The Source SDK Development Essentials is a walk-through of the steps required to start producing professional environments and scripts. Because it’s the same set of tools the professionals use, you can get the same professional results! It begins by introducing the reader to Hammer (the world editor), and instructs you on how to begin sculpting and detailing your 3D world. It ends by explaining some powerful built in tools such as the Input/Output system and the Particle Editor. Along the way, Brett provides some tips and tricks to streamline workflow, stay organized, and avoid some common pitfalls and beginner mistakes. It’s a book written for gamers, by a gamer so anyone interested in getting more out of their games can pick up this book and go!