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Connecticut Businesses, Residents saved $53M through 2013 efficiency

A recent article in the Hartford Business Journal highlighted Connecticut businesses, residents, and municipalities saving over $53 million dollars annually in 2013 due to energy efficiency improvements.

More than 4,000 businesses and municipalities participated in energy-savings programs last year, saving just under half of the $53 million dollar total.

A big-dollar energy savings program can be put in place by converting businesses from oil to natural gas. Governor Malloy has pledged support to bring natural gas to hundreds of thousands of locations in Connecticut where it is not currently available. ETTER Engineering has a long history of oil-to-gas conversions and is ready to assist your business in evaluating the ROI on converting to clean-burning natural gas.

Give us a call today at 800-444-1962 to discuss the benefits of converting your business to natural gas. You can be part of the thousands that save each year!