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One of the Best E-Mails Ever…

We are creating a summer cookbook for our clients.  Considering we are a company with a deep heritage in the gas industry, we have lots of backyard grilling experience.  Our Marketing Director, Chris Del Sole, has been prodding, cajoling and otherwise annoying our team to give him recipes.  Here is his “Weekly Recipe Guilt Trip”  Just awesome!

Gentlemen (and I use that term loosely at best),

This is your weekly guilt trip. Twelve people have submitted twenty four recipes so far. If you’ve received this e-mail, it’s because you still haven’t given me a recipe for the ETTER cookbook. This cookbook will be sent to our top clients – I like to think of them as the people that pay our salaries. A kick-ass cookbook is the least we can do to thank them for their patronage over the past few years!

Most of you on this list cook. I know this, because I’ve either seen you eating something you cooked yourself, or I’ve discussed cooking with you. If you’re on this list and you don’t cook, I still want a recipe from you. Click this link – http://bit.ly/1mh09fc – choose a recipe, then copy and paste it over to me. I can make this no easier. To paraphrase Stormin’ Norman Myers, “If you have time to fill out an NCAA Bracket, you have time to get Chris a recipe for the ETTER cookbook!”

America was founded on great food made over fire. The Pilgrims – they grilled those first turkeys, and they were awesome. George Washington’s army never would have survived Valley Forge without the blessing of red meat over a hot fire. The War of 1812? We fought it for the Right to Grill. We love grilling so much in this country, even vegetarians – VEGETARIANS – attempt to get in on the game, and they’re practically Communists!

Those of you that were born someplace other than ‘Murica, give me something awesome and unique from your homeland. I’m talking pepper sauce, I’m talking chickens roasted over 55 gallons drums on the side of the road, I’m talking great food that’s made over high fire. Every culture does it, so let’s see the best of yours!

I’m looking forward to your submissions.