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Great Sales Response

We have a suggestion box and we get great suggestions from our team members.  A recent suggestion was for us to set up a paper recycling program.  It’s one of those no-brainers that slips through cracks when you are in high growth mode….

So, I send a web lead to a company that provides a great recycling and shredding service called Shred-It.  I’ve used them before and had a good experience, so it made sense to reach out to them.  As a marketer, I specifically chose sending in a web form rather than call.  I know we like getting web leads and I like to test response times and how other companies handle web leads.

Shred-It has exceeded all expectations and set a standard that will be hard to beat!

Here is the story of the fastest sale in Shred-It history (I’m just guessing on this, but when I tell you the story, you might agree..)

3:43 pm – I hit send on the contact form on the website.

4:00 pm – I receive a call from Reggie, informing me he has received my contact information and he just happens to be in Bristol, CT.  Would I have time to meet him this afternoon?  I do have time, so I tell Reggie to come on over..

4:20 pm – Reggie arrives.  Because I’ve used Shred-It in the past, I am familiar with the service.  I just need details.  (price, how many bins, pick up details)

4:45 pm – Reggie and I sign an agreement for the services.

4:55 pm – After some small talk, Reggie leaves, ending his day on a high note.  By the way, I just took care of a to-do in record time as well.

There you have it.  1 hour and 2 minutes from hitting send on a website to signing a contract.

I feel bad for Reggie.  Now the boss is going to expect this all the time.  Well done Reggie and Shred-It.