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ETTER – An American Business Growth Story Part #3

Earlier, we talked about setting a goal and building a plan.  Part #3 deals with measuring success.  At ETTER, we have created our Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s.  KPI’s are measurements that we track against every month – we set a goal and track our progress towards the goal.  One person owns the goal and is responsible for the achievement, which leads to accountability and success.  Our KPI’s for 2015 are;

Sales Revenue – Kind of a no-brainer, but we track our sales revenue by client and against our budget and last year.

On-Time Delivery – Because of how we process jobs, our on-time delivery metric cuts across our Sales, Project Management, Engineering, Purchasing, Production, Testing, Quality Assurance, Shipping and Accounting areas.  We have a 95% on-time delivery goal and our Production Manager is responsible for the overall attainment of this goal.

Total Customer Count – This allows us to keep a focus on our marketing efforts and to ensure that we are growing our customer base and driving new customers to ETTER.

Revenue per Customer – One of our major initiatives for 2015 is to sell more products to our existing customers.  We have track our revenue per customer against our goal and last year to give us an indication of our success.

We have several other leading and lagging indicators that we look at including quote pipeline, sales conversion rate, new leads generated, orders received,  jobs out on approval and work in progress.  These help us forecast our supply chain and labor needs and allow us to be better planners and help influence our future growth.

So, to recap

1. Set a Goal

2. Have a Plan

3. Determine and Measure KPI’s

Stay tuned for Steps 4 & 5