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Employee Spotlight: Meet Frank Decker!

Meet Frank Decker! As our resident Safety Audit Expert, Frank Decker oversees ETTER’s NFPA-86 Safety Audit program. From keeping detailed records for each of our customers, to scheduling annual safety inspections, performing those inspections, and providing valued advice to our customers regarding their combustion equipment, Frank is the go-to guy here at ETTER when it comes to Safety Audits! As a licensed plumber, Frank also brings an added dose of value to our customers and to the company, and is uniquely qualified to understand the nuances of the NFPA-86 Standard to which he audits.

When he’s not helping our customers stay safe and keeping their equipment up to par, Frank enjoys hunting, fishing, enjoying the great outdoors, and watching his children play sports. The man is also an expert-green thumb, providing excellent advice to the budding gardeners here at ETTER!

If you’d like to have your combustion equipment audited, call 860-584-8842 and ask for Frank Decker today!