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Visiting Master Distributors – One of my favorite things!

At ETTER, we manufacture six (6) different product lines and we sell our products through a network of Master Distributors.  We have MD’s in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington, Denver and Indianapolis.  We are looking to expand to Ohio and Kentucky as well.

This week, Jon Moore and I made a visit to Ohio and Indiana to visit with new potential Master Distributors and to visit with an existing MD.  As distributors ourselves, we know how annoying it can be to have to host a manufacturer at your facility, so we work to make our meetings as focuses and productive as possible!

We met the principals of two great companies in Ohio – One in Northern Ohio and another in Southern Ohio.  Both great companies with solid management and a good business model that fits with ETTER Engineering.  It gives me great energy to learn more about these companies and to learn how we can help them grow their business.

The highlight of the trip was the meeting with our MD in Indiana/Illinois/Michigan, Gasco.  We worked together on a sales and marketing plan to expand our presence in the Chicago market and to really grow our sales opportunities.  It was a productive collaborative discussion and it was great to work with them on building a plan for success.

We are happy to be working with great companies throughout the US and we believe that the future is bright for ETTER and our MD’s.

Now, let’s go sell something!