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Introducing the ENGB-820!

Long known for our signature black gas boosters (the ENGB), the guys in the shop here at ETTER Engineering are excited to finally get their hands on our latest booster, the ENGB-820. A smaller package, the ENGB-820 will be utilized in our E101-P series of gas boosters, which provide boost at lower volumes and flow than their bigger ENGB brothers. Not to be outdone, however, the ENGB-820 packages will still be true “Plug & Play” designs, arriving at the customer’s site pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and ready to go! The ENGB-820 is fully UL-Certified, and brings with it the same warranty with higher quality and more features than its predecessor.

Look at the enthusiasm on Claus’s face here…this is a man who truly enjoys his job, and takes pride in working with ETTER Engineering’s own products!

ETTER Engineering ENGB-820 gas booster

A man who loves his job