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Employee Spotlight: Brenda Wazocha

Today we’re highlighting our Purchasing Agent, Brenda Wazocha. Born and raised in Texas, Brenda has been tolerating New England winter’s as an ETTER employee since 2008. She handles the day-to-day tasks of keeping our production and service staff current with parts and inventory. In her spare time, Brenda enjoys the challenge of crossing off her New Year’s Resolutions one by one. She also has a love of smiley faces! ūüôā Contact Us

Employee Spotlight: Jamie Feagain

This month, we’re highlighting a familiar face to many of our customers –¬†Jamie Feagain. As one of our¬†senior Combustion Service Technicians, Jamie brings 30+ years of experience in the combustion industry to ETTER. From quoting and managing¬†major projects to helping¬†customers get back up and running through hands-on emergency service calls, Jamie touches all aspects of our combustion service department. When he’s not helping customers with their¬†fuel-burning equipment, Jamie is burning fuel in his fully-restored 1970 Ford F100 pickup truck.¬†Sporting a 390 cubic inch¬†V-8 that puts out 450 HP and 425¬†pound feet of torque, Jamie likes to joke that it “gets 3 gallons per mile, and passes everything but gas stations!” Contact Us

Employee Spotlight: Alex Hansen

Project Engineer Alex Hansen has been here just under a year, joining us from his previous role at a major aerospace firm. Monday through Friday, Alex can be found elbow-deep in Excel files as he helps streamline the processes here at ETTER. In addition, he is integral to sizing and selecting gas boosters for customers, as well as managing gas booster projects. Outside of work, Alex plays baseball for a Central Connecticut-based men’s league, and also participates in recreational softball and volleyball. Contact Us

Where in the world is….ETTER?

Theresa Brownell, our Office Manager, and Kristen Sampson, our Administrative Assistant, were in Newport, Rhode Island over the weekend. ¬†Knowing that an ETTER natural gas booster was installed in the Midtown Oyster Bar, they went on a field trip to find the booster. ¬†Mission Accomplished! ¬†They found the booster and snapped a picture with Theresa’s adorable children. ¬† Our team will go to great lengths to see our products in action. ¬†Thanks to Theresa and Kristen for sharing the pictures of ETTER at work!   Contact Us

ETTER Engineering’s Bowling Challenge

Work hard, play hard. That’s our motto around here. Well…that, and Everybody Wang Chung Tonight. But I digress. The 2nd Annual ETTER Engineering Bowling Challenge took place on Friday, March 7th, with five teams of five ETTER employees pitted against each other in a grudge match. Or maybe it was all for fun and team-building. Either way, balls were rolled, pins were knocked down, and a good time was had by all! Congratulations to the winning team – The Bowling Stones. They’ll look to defend their title by holding monthly Wii Bowling practices in the run-up to the 2015 Bowling Challenge. Contact Us

Raving Fans

  We created our Raving Fan Board. ¬†It’s where we put our feedback from our ¬†Raving Fans. ¬†What’s a Raving Fan? ¬†Some companies call them customers or clients, but at ETTER it is our mission to create Raving Fans! ¬†A Raving Fan is so delighted with our products and services that they want to tell other people. ¬†And us of course! ¬†So, if an ETTER team member deserves to be recognized for outstanding service, please let us know so we can get it on our Raving Fan Board! ¬† If we disappoint in any way, please let us know. ¬†As Bill Gates says “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”   Contact Us

Congrats to our latest Published Author, Brett Bernier!

Here at ETTER Engineering, we always like to highlight the successes of our employees, both inside and outside work. It’s due to that we are proud to say congratulations are in order to Brett Bernier on the completion of his first book! Source SDK Development Essentials¬†outlines the essential knowledge one needs to create¬†maps (levels, environments) and scripts (A.I. events, storytelling, etc…) for games using the Source Engine. Valve, the videogame company behind Source, releases a Software Development Kit (SDK) with each game they produce. Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 might be household names for some gamers; the maps in those games were created with the Source SDK. Valve also released the Source SDK base for free in 2012, so anyone can…

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