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Introducing the ENGB-820!

Long known for our signature black gas boosters (the ENGB), the guys in the shop here at ETTER Engineering are excited to finally get their hands on our latest booster, the ENGB-820. A smaller package, the ENGB-820 will be utilized in our E101-P series of gas boosters, which provide boost at lower volumes and flow than their bigger ENGB brothers. Not to be outdone, however, the ENGB-820 packages will still be true “Plug & Play” designs, arriving at the customer’s site pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and ready to go! The ENGB-820 is fully UL-Certified, and brings with it the same warranty with higher quality and more features than its predecessor. Look at the enthusiasm on Claus’s face here…this is a man who truly enjoys his job, and…

Pitching In

Sometimes, a piece of equipment we’ve built here at ETTER takes a little more creativity or plain-old muscle to get out the door. When that happens, members of the ETTER Team are more than willing to pitch in to lend a helping hand! In this case, it was a nearly 20′ long heating system that was a tad awkward for our forklift. With the help of a few strong guys, however, the combustion system was on the truck and heading to its new home in no time! Contact Us

We Can Do That

When a customer recently inquired about installing a Duplex version of ETTER Engineering’s popular E101-P natural gas booster package into a very tight space, our engineering and design team jumped into action. Whereas a traditional Duplex package would have the gas booster pumps mounted side-by-side, this installation called for a vertical design to be developed, stacking the two gas booster pumps on top of each other, with the enclosure containing the touch-screen controls mounted atop the pumps. Despite the extra engineering work, the project was still completed within our standard lead-time, leading to a very happy customer! Nice work, team!   Contact Us

Energy Control, Inc. Is Latest ETTER Engineering Master Distributor

ETTER Engineering is proud to announce the addition of Energy Control, Inc. as a Master Distributor, representing ETTER products in the Northern Ohio markets. Energy Control is a complete sales and service organization, representing leading Boiler and Burner Systems with offices in Cleveland and Toledo markets. Founded in 1972, Energy Control has over 43 years experience selling and installing boiler equipment, burner systems and advanced boiler controls. Energy Control will represent all six of ETTER’s product lines and will be the exclusive representative for Northern Ohio. “We are proud to extend our Master Distributor network to Northern Ohio and happy to welcome Energy Control to the ETTER family of distributors,” stated Tom Etter, President of ETTER. “Energy Control has a long history of outstanding service and…