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Employee Spotlight: Daryl Ritone

This month, we’re highlighting a long-time employee of ETTER Engineering, Daryl Ritone. A Project Manager with significant experience in Controls and Field Services, Daryl is celebrating his 10 year anniversary with ETTER this month! In his spare time, Daryl enjoys hunting and fishing, skiing, boating, camping, golfing, as well as traveling and riding his motorcycle. In other words, Daryl’s always up for an adventure (especially if it involves the guys from Duck Dynasty!) Contact Us

Where in the world is….ETTER?

Theresa Brownell, our Office Manager, and Kristen Sampson, our Administrative Assistant, were in Newport, Rhode Island over the weekend.  Knowing that an ETTER natural gas booster was installed in the Midtown Oyster Bar, they went on a field trip to find the booster.  Mission Accomplished!  They found the booster and snapped a picture with Theresa’s adorable children.   Our team will go to great lengths to see our products in action.  Thanks to Theresa and Kristen for sharing the pictures of ETTER at work!   Contact Us

What Happens When You Go on Vacation

When a high-ranking member of the ETTER Engineering staff left the office for the week, the prank-engine immediately went into overdrive. 750 balloons were inflated and deposited into the victim’s office, then left to await the Monday-morning reaction! As the victim was a good sport, a hearty laugh was had by all. The problem? Trying to top themselves the next time around! Contact Us

One of the Best E-Mails Ever…

We are creating a summer cookbook for our clients.  Considering we are a company with a deep heritage in the gas industry, we have lots of backyard grilling experience.  Our Marketing Director, Chris Del Sole, has been prodding, cajoling and otherwise annoying our team to give him recipes.  Here is his “Weekly Recipe Guilt Trip”  Just awesome! Gentlemen (and I use that term loosely at best), This is your weekly guilt trip. Twelve people have submitted twenty four recipes so far. If you’ve received this e-mail, it’s because you still haven’t given me a recipe for the ETTER cookbook. This cookbook will be sent to our top clients – I like to think of them as the people that pay our salaries. A kick-ass cookbook…

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