Sonix Ultrasonic Meters – Industrial / Commercial Meters

Using digital ultrasonic technology, Sonix industrial and commercial meters feature no moving parts, virtually eliminating repair costs. Sonix meters retain their calibration and notify the user if they are tampered with or if they malfunction. Sonix’s attractive and compact design afford flexible installation options. The electronic platform allows the user to include automatic meter reading more cost effectively and upgrade the meter with the latest options while it is still in service

Printable Literature

Data Sheets

Sonix 12 / 16 / 25
Sonix 2000 (M-1040E -R5)
Sonix 600 (M-1033E)
Sonix 880 (M-1034E)
Sonix Remote Communications (M-1030G)

Specification Selection Sheets

Sonix 2000
Sonix 420 (12), 600 (16), and 880 (25)

Technical Papers

Features & Benefits for Utilities (M-1031C)
Proving the Sonix Meter (M-1030K)
Sonix FAQ (M-1030C)
Sonix Operating Principles (M-1031B)

Additional Product Information

Sonix Capacity Chart
Sonix vs. Rotary Meters
Sonix2000 Proving Instructions
SonixCom Manual – Sonix 2000 Supplement
SonixCom Operating Manual
SonixPalm Users Guide