Here at ETTER our emphasis is on providing prompt, thoroughly engineered equipment and service, specifically tailored to meet our client’s individual criteria. Our insistence on providing and maintaining personal contact with our clientele has always been a source of pride. We pride ourselves on our high percentage of long term, repeat customers. ETTER strives to provide only the best personal service at the most competitive price. Throughout our three quarters of a century of operation, ETTER has earned an outstanding reputation by treating each and every client like they are our only client.

ETTER Engineering has historically served the Northeast providing gas equipment and systems to countless markets and applications since 1940. ETTER Engineering originated as a manufacturer’s sales representative firm and has evolved into a multi faceted company as well as its own brand. Although ETTER’s focus has changed over the times, it has always evolved around the application and control of gas fired process heating. ETTER provides burner and combustion related parts as well as complete systems specifically suited to meet client’s needs. ETTER’s technical staff is ready to assist you in the specification of parts, system upgrades, new installations and OEM services. ETTER has its own UL control panel shop specializing in flame safety, combustion, and process control. We manufacture customized process heating equipment including: web drying, packaged heat sources, IR Ovens, valve trains, and gas booster systems. ETTER Engineering is focused on meeting your ever changing needs.


• Make it bETTER

• Drive and Embrace Change

• Be Focused, Accountable, and Disciplined

• Put the Team First


ETTER’s 75th Anniversary


2010 – Etter Moves to Bristol, CT


2009 – Next Generation Booster (ENGB) is released


2008 – Jon Moore Joins the Ownership Group of Etter

1999 – Tom Etter Becomes President


1997 – Jon Moore Joins The Team


1993 – ETTER achieves UL-508A Certification


1992 – Tom Etter Joins The Business


1988 – Operations & Manufacturing Consolidate in Cheshire, CT


1980’s Manufacturing Facility in Chelmsford, MA Opens


1960’s – Herb Etter, Jr. Becomes President

1953 – Herb Etter, Jr. Joins The Business


Early 1950’s – Regional Sales Offices Open


Etter Moves to Hamden

Screenshot 2015-06-12 07.25.27

Etter Is Founded

Screenshot 2015-06-12 07.23.26

1902 Herb Etter, Sr. is born