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ETTER Engineering’s Contribution to the Peekskill State Armory Upgrade

The Peekskill State Armory, a historic US Military Facility built in 1932, is currently undergoing expansion and essential systems upgrades. ETTER Engineering, in collaboration with Heating & Burner Supply (H&B) from the Bronx, has played a pivotal role in enhancing the armory's infrastructure. This project marks a significant milestone in preserving the legacy of this...

ETTER Gives Back

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season which is a time where we consider how fortunate we are to have good health, supportive family and friends and financial stability. We at ETTER believe that because we are so lucky its important to not only give thanks for all we have but give back to…

ETTER pranks Alex

One of our engineers took a vacation to sunny California last week so a few of our employees decided to channel their jealousy into a fun prank… Michelle and Andi created a door to block off his cube, filled it with a mountain of balloons and anxiously awaited his arrival this morning Alex opened his…

Duplex Gas Booster

Almost ready to be shipped, ETTER custom made a Duplex Gas Booster System to be installed at a hotel. Below are photos of the project. Click here if you are interested in learning more about ETTER gasPODs, or ETTER Gas Booster Accessories.    

Furnace Fitting

Since our post on the exit of the custom furnace, our service team is at a metal forger in Virginia performing start up. This long project took months to come into fruition and is up and running. Below are is a photo of this impressive job, with the furnace running at 1,550° F:    

Earth Day BBQ!

Today we had a little Earth Day BBQ! The weather was sunny, 80 degrees and a perfect Spring (nay I say “Summer”) Day! Have a great weekend everyone; and be sure to scroll down to look at the photos from our lunch gathering.

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