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ETTER Engineering’s Contribution to the Peekskill State Armory Upgrade

The Peekskill State Armory, a historic US Military Facility built in 1932, is currently undergoing expansion and essential systems upgrades. ETTER Engineering, in collaboration with Heating & Burner Supply (H&B) from the Bronx, has played a pivotal role in enhancing the armory’s infrastructure. This project marks a significant milestone in preserving the legacy of this facility while ensuring it meets the modern-day needs of the Army’s 101st Signal Battalion, 369th Signal Network Support Detachment, and 187th Signal Company.

A Strong Partnership 

ETTER Engineering teamed up with its long-term trusted Master Distributor, Heating & Burner Supply, and Anthony Giovino’s team at S & L Plumbing in Armonk, NY, for the installation. The collaboration showcased seamless coordination and expertise in delivering top-notch solutions. Elliott Perez of Mechanical Heating Supply, Bronx, NY, ensured a smooth commissioning process, and the booster was brought online on a sunny October 2nd. 

Gas System Enhancements 

One of the critical aspects of this project involved upgrading the gas system. ConEd, the utility company, played a crucial role by installing two rotary gas meters on their new service line. They conducted a comprehensive pressure leak test across the entire system and witnessed the successful ignition of water heaters and kitchen appliances. 

ETTER Engineering’s contribution to the gas system included the installation of a 1 h.p. ENGB 283 packaged gas booster. This booster has a capacity of 10,000 cfh and is designed to provide an additional 13.4″ w.c. pressure. It is housed in an outdoor trans closure beside the Con Edison gas meters. This booster now feeds two new boilers, two 250 cfh AO Smith water heaters, and the commercial kitchen stoves and ovens. 

The gas booster ensures that the gas pressure is maintained at the required levels. It receives gas at 1/4 psi (7″ w.c.) street pressure and increases it to 22″ w.c. before regulating it back down to 1/2 psi (14″ w.c.) for distribution into the building. Additionally, a 6″ gas bypass with a check valve has been incorporated upstream of the gas booster. This bypass serves two purposes: it provides standard gas pressure for appliances that don’t require elevated pressure and ensures a contingency plan if the booster ever needs servicing. 

Preserving History

ETTER Engineering takes immense pride in its contribution to the Peekskill State Armory upgrade. This historic facility has a rich history, having housed the 156th Field Artillery Regiment just after World War I in 1922, followed by Maintenance and Military Police units. Today, it continues to serve the Army’s 101st Signal Battalion, 369th Signal Network Support Detachment, and 187th Signal Company. 


The Peekskill State Armory project stands as a testament to the dedication and expertise of ETTER Engineering, Heating & Burner Supply, S & L Plumbing, Mechanical Heating Supply, and ConEd. By modernizing the gas system and ensuring its reliability, these partners have made a significant contribution to the continued functionality and preservation of this historic US Military Facility. ETTER Engineering is honored to have played a part in this vital upgrade, ensuring that the armory can continue to serve its important role for years to come.