Packaged Burners

ETTER Engineering packaged burner systems are designed to meet all the necessary codes utilizing the latest technologies. Our packages are ideal for the plant or institution that is looking to update older equipment. Our packages are also ideal for those OEM’s in the process heating industry that are looking to focus on their product rather than the combustion system. ETTER currently works directly with numberous OEM’s and as an extension of their shop. One purchase order will save you valuable resources, time, and money.

Our systems are specifically designed to meet your process needs, with burner capacbilities ranging from 50,000 to 200 million BTUH heat outputs. Choose from our standard systems or let us develop your your company’s standards.Our extensive experience in the process heat and combustion business makes us the perfect partner to outsource your important work. We understand combustion and will listen to your needs!

Used For All Processes Including:

• Printing and Coating
• Food Processing
• Pharmaceuticals
• Paper and Plastic
• Textiles
• Drying Systems
• Metal Finishing

All Burner Systems Can Include:

• Pre-piped Valve Train
• Wiring to Junction Box
• Support Framing
• Drawings and Documentation
• Factory Testing