Methane Abatement


Methane gas is a greenhouse gas linked to climate change, which is emitted as a by-product of oil and gas well production. As a greenhouse gas, it has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) more than 70 times greater than carbon dioxide (CO2) over a 20-year period.1,2  When oil and gas are extracted and processed, natural gas can leak accidentally or be released intentionally into the environment. These emissions contribute significantly to global warming and climate change and present other negative impacts on air quality 3.

EPA Overview of Greenhouse Gases

Methane Reduction (Alberta Energy Regulator)


The Catalytic Methane Abatement System (CMAS) by ETTER Engineering (U.S. Patent #10,150,081) uses a platinum-based catalyst to convert methane gas into a CO2 and water vapor. The units are designed for outdoor installation, and once powered up, can operate indefinitely without any on-site electrical power. The oxidizers are FM-approved for Class I, Division I installations, and are provided as a complete “Plug & Play” assembly. When the objective is going green, CMAS is the leader in mitigating the effects of methane gas on our planet’s climate!

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ETTER Engineering has partnered with the Metan Group LLC, who have attained a patent for this technology. Learn more about Metan Group LLC by clicking here.