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A Harsh Winter Leads to Massive Energy Costs

According to an article in the Hartford Business Journal, “New England businesses and residents have almost spent as much money money on heat and power this winter than [sic] they did in all of 2012 combined.” [emphasis mine]

The New England region’s winter heating and electricity tab ran north of $5 billion dollars during the period from December to February, reflecting the reality of one of the coldest winter seasons the area has seen in recent memory. Cold weather, coupled with high demand for a limited amount of natural gas added to the increased costs.

The article goes on to state, “by┬ácomparison, in 2012, the cost of heating and electricity for all 12 months was $5.2 billion.”

The numbers, while not directly tied to oil usage or sales, continue to hammer home the benefits of converting to cleaner burning, more efficient fuels. In an era of climate change, even record cold winters are on the table, and your home or business will only be helped by running as efficiently as possible!

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