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More Connecticut Companies Upgrading to Natural Gas

A recent article from Hartford Business.com highlights the continued march towards natural gas conversions throughout the Northeast. The Hartford Steam Company has been heating and cooling businesses and residential buildings throughout downtown Hartford for 52 years, yet they are faced with the same realities as many other alternative-heating companies today: Natural Gas is cheaper.

According to the article, State House Square’s contract with Hartford Steam expires on Feb. 1st, and the manager of the building is “99.9% sure” they will be switching to an in-house natural gas system. With a $500,000 energy efficiency grant from the State and $1.5 million in annual energy cost savings, the ROI on the nearly $7 million project will be roughly 4 years.

State House Square’s decision is just one of many that have been made in the State of Connecticut recently. As natural gas supplies increase and infrastructure continues to be built out, the number of businesses and homes switching to natural gas will only increase.