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Best Practices: Reducing Natural Gas Consumption

Oil-to-gas conversions are all the rage these days, and rightly so – converting from oil to natural gas is a great way to quickly reduce your energy bill, while also supporting the domestic energy industry and reducing your environmental impact. What if you’ve already converted to using affordable natural gas, however? Are there ways to further reduce your energy usage? You bet there are!

According to a recent article from CNG’s newsletter¬†The Commercial Connection, the industrial sector consumes one-third of natural gas in the United States. Even small savings, percentage-wise, can add up to big-dollar decreases in energy consumption and expenditures. ¬†As the article points out, waste heat recovery, burner upgrades, and even something as simple as minimizing the time the door of a furnace was open can all lead to recognizable savings. In some cases, the savings added up into the millions of dollars!

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