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Connecticut Businesses, Residents saved $53M through 2013 efficiency

A recent article in the Hartford Business Journal highlighted Connecticut businesses, residents, and municipalities saving over $53 million dollars annually in 2013 due to energy efficiency improvements. More than 4,000 businesses and municipalities participated in energy-savings programs last year, saving just under half of the $53 million dollar total. A big-dollar energy savings program can…

Energy Facts and Trends

I’ve been doing some research on Energy Facts and Trends to better understand the Natural Gas Industry and a friend of mine shared a White Paper by W. Chris Daum at FMI Capital Advisors.  In the document he talks about relevant facts about why energy will be the new driver of US Engineering and Construction….

PlaNYC Great News!

With the Mayoral election over in New York City, we at ETTER were concerned with the impact on Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC – Released in 2007, PlaNYC was an unprecedented effort undertaken by Mayor Bloomberg to prepare the city for one million more residents, strengthen our economy, combat climate change, and enhance the quality of life for…

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