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Go big….

Today is Go Big day in our shop. Here’s James, working on a 650 booster – one of our large size boosters. We see orders for about 4 of these a year and James is building 2 of these today. Here’s Dave L, working on a 3″ valve train. Most of our valve train work is 2″ or less, so we don’t often see valve trains this big! I’d say Go Big or Go Home, but we need these guys here, working hard to satisfy our customers! So, Go Big and Stay Working Hard! Contact Us

We Can Do That

When a customer recently inquired about installing a Duplex version of ETTER Engineering’s popular E101-P natural gas booster package into a very tight space, our engineering and design team jumped into action. Whereas a traditional Duplex package would have the gas booster pumps mounted side-by-side, this installation called for a vertical design to be developed, stacking the two gas booster pumps on top of each other, with the enclosure containing the touch-screen controls mounted atop the pumps. Despite the extra engineering work, the project was still completed within our standard lead-time, leading to a very happy customer! Nice work, team!   Contact Us

Energy Control, Inc. Is Latest ETTER Engineering Master Distributor

ETTER Engineering is proud to announce the addition of Energy Control, Inc. as a Master Distributor, representing ETTER products in the Northern Ohio markets. Energy Control is a complete sales and service organization, representing leading Boiler and Burner Systems with offices in Cleveland and Toledo markets. Founded in 1972, Energy Control has over 43 years experience selling and installing boiler equipment, burner systems and advanced boiler controls. Energy Control will represent all six of ETTER’s product lines and will be the exclusive representative for Northern Ohio. “We are proud to extend our Master Distributor network to Northern Ohio and happy to welcome Energy Control to the ETTER family of distributors,” stated Tom Etter, President of ETTER. “Energy Control has a long history of outstanding service and…

ETTER Engineering’s SafetyWorx Gas Safety Systems

ETTER Engineering’s SafetyWorx System comprises our full line of gas management and control systems and gas supervisory safety systems. Whether applied to a chemistry laboratory in a school or acting as a supervisory safety system in a commercial kitchen, SafetyWorx is designed to integrate seemlessly into your environment and be extremely simple to operate, even for the layperson. Typical applications and components include gas solenoids, valves, and key-switch activated controls with push-button emergency stops, CO detection and early-warning systems, and the ability to tie into building management systems. For more information on how you can integrate a SafetyWorx System into your next project, call 860-584-8842 and ask to speak to Daryl Ritone today! Contact Us

NFPA 86 – Combustion Safety Audits

While safety is everybody’s business, the focus on safety and disaster prevention sometimes gets put on the back burner.  Work priorities, busy production schedules and a overworked maintenance staff can de-prioritize your safety program. NFPA codes and standards exist to help companies prevent accidents and disasters and to protect your employees.  At ETTER, we use the NFPA codes and standards in our Combustion Safety Audit program.  We’ll complete a detailed audit of your  facility’s combustion systems and we’ll provide a report documenting of our findings and making recommendations for bringing non-compliant equipment into compliance with current combustion safety standards. What is NFPA?  Founded in 1896, NFPA grew out of a meeting on sprinkler standards. The Bylaws of the Association that were first established in 1896 embody the…

Custom Heater Box leaves the building…..

One of the strengths of ETTER Engineering is our custom manufacturing capabilities.  We build custom control panels, furnaces and heater boxes.  Here is one of our latest creations leaving our building.  This is a custom heater box that is used to provide heat for the oven of one of our customers. Our ETTER Solutions group is ready to meet your custom process heating and combustion needs!   Contact Us

Furnace #1 Has Left the Building!

Followers of the ETTER Blog will remember the Aluminum Forge Furnaces we’ve been building. Furnace #1 was completed earlier this week, at which point riggers were called in to expertly (and deftly) pluck the 10,000 pound furnace out of the shop and load it on a flatbed for transport to its final destination. Work on Furnace #2 continues. Look for more photos as it nears completion! These furnaces are prime examples of ETTER’s Solutions Division, which draws on the collective knowledge acquired over the course of our nearly 75-year existence to solve the toughest problems for our customers. Contact Us

Raising (and Lowering) the Roof on an Aluminum Forge Furnace

ETTER Engineering does a lot of different things, which means a walk through the shop is always an interesting experience. On a recent walk, I spotted a few of our guys raising, and then lowering into place the roof on a massive aluminum forge furnace, one of two that ETTER is building for a customer. The furnace measures approximately twenty feet long by eight feet high, and is designed to reach an operating temperature of 1,000° – careful, or that pizza might get burned! Just kidding… Stay tuned as the furnace production continues. With major fabrication completed, it’s now time to begin mounting controls, gas trains, and other details. ETTER Engineering has been producing Custom Manufactured Solutions since 1940. If you have a combustion or…

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