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3rd Annual ETTER Bowling Challenge

                A big thank you to all who participated in the 3rd Annual ETTER Bowling Challenge last evening.   It was a fun, spirited and enthusiastic group that took to the lanes for some friendly competition and good old fashioned trash talking!   Congratulations to our First Place team – Captain Laldeo Lilman and the Blind Bowlers!!   Led by Dave “Strike Force” Lusitani, the team of Laldeo, Dave L, Tom, Andre and Claus put together two impressive games to win the challenge by 97 pins over our Second Place team, Livin’ on a Spare.   Here are the final standings;   Blind Bowlers                     1079 Livin’ on a Spare                982 Spin City                           975 Bi-Polar Rollers                  847 7/10…

Go big….

Today is Go Big day in our shop. Here’s James, working on a 650 booster – one of our large size boosters. We see orders for about 4 of these a year and James is building 2 of these today. Here’s Dave L, working on a 3″ valve train. Most of our valve train work is 2″ or less, so we don’t often see valve trains this big! I’d say Go Big or Go Home, but we need these guys here, working hard to satisfy our customers! So, Go Big and Stay Working Hard! Contact Us

Unexpected Visitors!

While throwing out some cardboard this morning, some ETTER employees noticed a few unexpected visitors in the dumpster out back – baby raccoons! With no Mama in sight, we figured they were probably scared and tired (raccoons are nocturnal, so they were curled up trying to sleep in a cardboard box), so the door to the dumpster was opened, allowing them to flee to a safer location in the woods behind our facility. As long as they stay away from my vegetable garden, I will consider this a good deed for the day! Contact Us

ETTER – An American Business Growth Story Part #3

Earlier, we talked about setting a goal and building a plan.  Part #3 deals with measuring success.  At ETTER, we have created our Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s.  KPI’s are measurements that we track against every month – we set a goal and track our progress towards the goal.  One person owns the goal and is responsible for the achievement, which leads to accountability and success.  Our KPI’s for 2015 are; Sales Revenue – Kind of a no-brainer, but we track our sales revenue by client and against our budget and last year. On-Time Delivery – Because of how we process jobs, our on-time delivery metric cuts across our Sales, Project Management, Engineering, Purchasing, Production, Testing, Quality Assurance, Shipping and Accounting areas.  We have a…

ETTER Engineering Celebrates 75 Years!

75 years – It’s a lifetime. 75 years is a long existence for just about anything, but especially a small, family-owned business. As ETTER Engineering celebrates our 75th Anniversary, we proudly look back to 1940, the year that our company began. Life was different back then, but one thing that has remained the same through the years is our customers’ need for support with the application and control of gas-fired process heating equipment. 1940 saw World War II continue to rage in Europe. Future star athletes Fran Tarkenton and Joe Torre were born, along with stalwarts of the American Media like Tom Brokaw and Al Pacino. Manufacturing in America was booming, both from wartime production as well as standard economic output. With that as a…

Giving Back to the Community

We know how fortunate many of us are to have our health, loving families and friends, and financial security. As we approach the holiday period, it’s important for us here at ETTER Engineering to give back to our community in many ways, both big and little. The United Way of Western CT sponsors an annual food drive, to which ETTER employees recently contributed over 150 lbs. of non-perishable food items. These donations will go to help local families  enjoy their holiday meals and ensure each experiences the happiness of this holiday season! A big thank you to all the ETTER employees who made this possible through their generous donations! Contact Us

The 2014 ETTER Mini-Golf Challenge

The storied links of Hidden Valley, which sit just a Bubba Watson 3-wood from ESPN’s Bristol Campus, were host to the 2014 ETTER Mini-Golf Challenge on Friday. While we invited The Worldwide Leader to cover the event, they politely declined, citing “football.” Despite the lack of media, the show went on, and in the end it was the fearsome foursome of Tom, Chris, Pat and Tiger that brought home the win, coming in with a combined score of 139. The second place group, who asked to remain anonymous, were a distant 7 strokes behind the Champions. Blogmaster Chris also took home honors for most hole-in-ones. When asked what allowed him to drop 7 aces, he replied, “A laser focus, gritty determination, and my Odyssey White…

ETTER Mini-Golf Challenge

We hold a company meeting each quarter, updating our team on our financial and operational results for the previous quarter and year to date.  It engages our team in the achievement of our company goals and objectives and ensures that we are all on the same page.  At the same time, we hold a quarterly team event.  This quarter it is the ETTER Mini-Golf Challenge.  We have 7 teams of 4 golfers that will compete for trophies and bragging rights. Here is the hardware we will be playing for on Friday, September 5th. Stay tuned for the results after the competition Contact Us

ETTER Helps Out Make-A-Wish

ETTER Engineering’s Service Department puts some serious miles on our vehicles. After years of pounding the pavement, our trusty purple Dodge Caravan had seen better days. Rather than simply junk it, we decided to donate it to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the hopes they will benefit from its eventual sale at auction. While we’re all sad to see the “Eggplant On Wheels” go, it’s nice knowing its demise will benefit a great cause! Contact Us

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